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Find Your Strength – Find Success

A key to being a strong leader is finding out what you do well and then to keep doing it. The more you work within your strength zone, the more successful you will be. Many times we focus on our weakness and try and make them better. But if you have ever done StrengthFinders you now that is not the key to success. It’s the exact opposite. Find your strengths and make those stronger! Take me for instance, I’d love to be a singer. Truly I’d just love to be a professional singer. But I’m not good at it. AT ALL. So sure I could take lessons and spends hours and weeks and years trying to become better. But I would never really be successful at this endeavor because that is not where my skill is. I believe that you were given the skills needed to fulfill our purpose. So identifying your strengths will lead you down the path to success as your purpose is always connected to your giftedness. So how do you find your strengths? In John Maxwell’s book Leadership Gold he lays out three simple steps: What Am I Doing Well To reach your potential the question to ask is “What Am I doing Well” vs “What am I doing Right”. While it is important to do the right thing, reaching your potential can be found in the answer to the question about your talent…” what do I do well”. Get Specific Now, this is key! If you REALLY want to work in your true strength zone then get very specific. You are looking for that sweet spot! For instance, with me, training, facilitating and presenting are strengths for me. But my sweet spot training in person with women audiences. And while I don’t limit myself to only that arena, I do ensure that I spend the majority of my time there as that is truly where I shine. Listen to What Others Praise Sometimes when we are talented at something we don’t recognize it. Because it comes naturally to us and sometimes we assume it is natural to others. However, your strengths will be very clear to others so listen to what others praise you for. If you need a bit more help with this here’s a free gift to you! Below are questions I use when doing individual coaching on this topic. Use them to help really hone in on your areas of strength. Keys to Leading Yourself

  1. Have you identified your strength zone? If you and I were able to sit down and talk, would you be able to tell me your strengths? How specific would you be able to be? The older and more experienced you are, the more specific you should be able to be. If you are not sure of your strengths, follow the suggestions in the article think about what you are doing well, and listen to what colleagues say about your talents.

  2. Is your job utilizing your strengths? List three things you do well in your job. Now ask yourself these three questions:

Are you doing them more or less? Are you developing them more or less? Are you bringing others around who complement your strengths? If you answer no to any of those questions, you need to become more intentional about getting into your strength zone. If you need help doing that, contact me at for a free 60 minute coaching consultation.

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