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Take Action – Even when it’s difficult

What action are you sitting on today? You know what I’m talking about! That email that you need to send, that friend that you need to call, that blog you need to write, that sales call you need to make. Your sitting on it because for some reason your brain has told you that doing it will be difficult or unpleasant. Your brain says that the call to your friend won’t be pleasant because you have blown her off for weeks. Your brain will say you can’t make that sales call because people aren’t going to want your service/product. Your brain can be a Chatty Cathy that is not always giving you the best advice.

Our brain likes to keep us safe and out of harm’s way. So if it perceives an activity is going to be difficult or painful it moves into “stay in the cave and stay safe” mode and will produce tons of excuses as to why you should not do that given activity. That’s our brain’s job; to keep us safe.

But the only way to rewire the brain is to TAKE ACTION anyway. It’s the only way to move forward. And moving forward is the important part. Not listening to the brain’s rationale as to why we shouldn’t do something. Yes, I get that it can be scary to take action on a difficult task. But I’ve learned that the anxiety around thinking about the unpleasant task is typically way worse than actually doing the task.

Whether you believe it or not you get to choose the thoughts you want to attach to . So instead of choosing to attach to the thought “this task is going to be difficult/painful” choose a thought that would serve you in getting the task done. Something like “I know making this call to my friend is going to be hard but it could help us get back on track”. A positive thought will produce a positive emotion which in turn can produce a positive action.

Take Action! It’s the only way to keep moving forward!

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