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A Positive Goal Setting Mindset Tip #5 Write Goals that have a Positive Outcome

What if you set a goal based on what you WANT not what you DON’T want. You are probably thinking I’m a bit crazy on this one right…like WHAT? The brain is an amazing crazy thing. What your brain can think up and how your body responds to those thoughts is stunning to me sometimes. Think about it like this…when you think of a lemon what happens to you physically. Try it. Think of a lemon. What happened? How did your body respond?? For me my mouth waters a little. I feel a tightening in my jaw. My body responds similarly to how it would if I actually ate a lemon! THAT’S CRAZY TO ME! This is an important concept when considering goal setting. Since your mind will form pictures around your goal it is more effective to obtain those goals by making those imagines as positive as possible. Let me give you an example: I need to pay off my debit and stop spending more than I have. The emotions and images most of us have from the word debit are negative. You might immediately think things like, “I’ll never get to go out with my friends” or “I can’t take that trip I want to take”. Basically thoughts of suffering and deprivation. But what if you change that to something just slightly more positive like I want to have a 0 balance on my credit card Not that much different BUT for many when they think this second thought is relief, less stress, and excitement for the extra money. The basic idea is your thoughts create your feelings, which creates your actions which create your result. This is what Brooke Castillo calls The Model. So if you want a different result than you have been getting, try adjusting the thought. The idea here is that if your thought is positive then you are more likely to set and achieve a given goal. When setting your goals you should of course write them out. But after that step, take a second and read them back to yourself one at a time and slowly. Then write down the thoughts that come up when you read that goal. If the thought is not positive, rewrite the goal to state what you want instead what you don’t want. And see if those thoughts and feelings become more positive. The biggest lesson I’ve ever learned is that my thoughts create my feelings and I get to choose my thoughts. If you use this lesson when setting goals you will find it will increase you odds of achieving the goal.

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