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A Positive Goal Setting Mindset Tip #4 Have a Crystal Clear Picture of your Why

Did you know that science says 92% off people don’t achieve New Year’s Resolution. WHATTTTTT. Yes 92%. And while there are a variety of reason for the inability to see these resolutions thru, I believe a top reason is that people don’t have a crystal clear picture of their WHY for a given goal. If you want to be in the 8% who see their goals come to reality you need to figure out what is motivating you to achieve the goal. A strong and clear WHY is the motivation you will need to accomplish the goals you set. Try this exercise:

  1. Write down the dream or goal that you want to accomplish

  2. Then set a timer for 10 minutes and write down every reason WHY you want that dream to come into reality. Don’t sensor yourself and don’t stop writing until the timer is done.

  3. Then read back thru the list slowly and notice how you mentally and physically respond to the various reasons why. Highlight the ones that resonate the strongest for you.

  4. Once you have identified your why, write it down. Post it at your desk, on your fridge, on the mirror, wherever you will see it constantly to remind yourself what your true motivation is.

I have my coaching clients do this exercise when setting goals and each time it’s such a joy to see them light up once they identify that true motivating why. Achieving your goals is at times difficult and there are generally lots of opportunities to quit. However if you can identify your why and keep at the forefront of your mind when you hit the obstacles the why will keep you on track.

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