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A Positive Goal Setting Mindset Tip #3 Forget the Need to Know the How

Have you ever procrastinated on a goal because you didn’t know how to accomplish it? I know I have. I struggle often with the thought that in order to strive for a goal I want I first have to know everything there is to know about it. I want to be a master at it before even considering writing it down as a goal. Take for instance my desire to run a marathon. I had this desire for years. Seriously for about 10-15 years. But I felt I didn’t know enough about how to train. So I kept reading about running and how to train but never actually took the leap to commit to a marathon. The “need to know how” became an excuse to not get started. My constant research was simply me procrastinating. So eventually I decided to take a leap of faith and I picked a training program, I bought the shoes, and I started running. I let go of this need to know everything before I got started. Instead I learned to trust that thru the action of doing I would learn what I needed to know. I was never going to know everything I needed to know until I actually started to run. There was only so much books and articles were going to teach me. The “doing” taught me more about the how than anything else. If the need to know how is preventing you from going for your dreams, trust in the process of doing in order to learn what you need to know. Keep reading the articles, keep researching but take the leap and build your wings as you learn to fly!

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