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My Year of Being Brave – Living My Life Fully and Completely

Well today is the first day of the last year of my 40s. WHOOP WHOOP!! I could not be more excited for the coming year! Seriously, so frigging excited for this next birth year.

I’ve never had a theme for a birthday year but I decided this year, what the hell, I’m doing it. I’m choosing to live this year focused on “Being Brave”. Being brave enough to finally use my Yoga Teachers certification and TEACH, to grow my business beyond my wildest dreams, to show up in my relationship with my full and whole heart and to FINALLY end my battle with my weight and food issues. That sounds like a lot to tackle in one year but I know that most of these items will continue to be a life long journey for me. A journey I’ve already been on and that has prepped me well for my big hairy audacious goals I have for myself this next year. I’m mean really; I’ve spent years prepping for this. Years of self-study, reading, retreats, meditation, therapy, coaching etc. There is never going to be a better time than now to truly commitment myself to showing up fully and completely AND in ways I have never done before.

You might be asking what made me want to do this theme for the year. And why THIS year. Honestly, I think it is because of how this last birth year went down. I’m going to be honest; It was a brutal. Last birthday I spent it watching my dearest friend fight for her life and ultimately losing that battle. I sat with her almost every day for the 67 days from diagnosis to death and it was life altering for me as well as those that loved her. And it has taken a lot this past year to move thru the grief. I also felt this last year was riddled with death. From Kathryn’s death, to my dad’s best friend death, to my best friend’s mom death, to Kathryn’s boyfriend death, to my old boss’s death and most recently a friend’s husband death. It felt like everywhere I looked this past year there was death. And that was brutal. The blessing in it though was all that death has made me appreciate life in a way that I was unable to do before. I see how fragile and fleeting it can be. And I want nothing more than to be able to honor those that are no longer here by living my life fully and completely. Or as another friend would say, balls to the walls. So, while that image is not pretty that’s the plan! BALLS TO THE WALLS ALL OUT LIVING as I head to my 50s!

My mind is swirling with all the plans for the coming year and as I move thru each piece of the journey I plan to share what I’m experiencing and learning here. I hope as I share you will also share with me via comments about ways you are living braving. I think learning thru others is the greatest of gifts!

Happy Birthday to me and thank God I’m alive to be able to say that again this year.


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