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Leadership is ALL about Others

If you truly want to be the leader you have always dreamed you could be, then you must learn how to make others a priority.

Have you heard the term “It’s lonely at the top”? Not only have I heard it I’ve used it. But if you stop and think about this statement you might realize something. Leadership is not about taking that hike up the mountain alone. Leaders take people with them. They help others to climb to the top and don’t leave them at the bottom of the hill while they dance around at the top shouting “Queen of the Hill”.

Making it about others can be hard skill for many leaders to learn, especially newer ones who are trying to simply keep their head above water and plow thru their task list. But being a leader is about LEADING PEOPLE. Sure, you have task to get done, but the number one goal is to lead the people on your team.

Think of this one simple interaction we all have with our teams; Meetings. I’ve sat in many a meeting where the person leading the meeting never once engaged with those of us at the table. She was simply cranking thru her agenda items and was using the time to get done what she felt was important. That is not leadership! That is a task master. When you see yourself as the center of the conversation…then you are not connecting or leading people.

A good leader draws people in! They don’t leave them out. So, if you are that leader who sets the agenda or leads the meeting make sure that you are including your committee or team in the agenda. Ask in advance if anyone has anything they want to include. OR make time on the agenda for an open discussion where people can bring topics to the table.

Make sure you are not justfocused on getting your objectives accomplished. You need to focus on the team as well and what their wants and needs are. Don’t stand at the top of the hill alone, take your team with you.

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